Knox for mobile customization

Create secure and interactive mobile experiences. Knox cloud-based customization tools allow you to build world-class apps by accessing advanced device features on Samsung phones, tablets, and wearables.

Knox features for customization

Customize Samsung devices and tailor them to specific needs by leveraging the Knox platform


Set default apps to devices and set default apps for specific tasks

Set wallpaper, determine homescreen layout, and deploy custom boot animations to devices

Remap physical buttons


Install or disable apps and bloatware

Control settings for wi-fi, Access Point Name (APN), and web proxy

Prevent installation of apps from unknown sources

ProKiosk mode

Create purpose-built devices that:

Prevent user input

Show or hide system status bar

Limit device functionality to one app

How to customize devices

Take advantage of our exclusive Knox integrations, available only on Samsung devices.

Customize Samsung phones/tablets

Configure, customize, and automate enrollment of Samsung phones and tablets purchased from authorized Samsung resellers.

Learn how to customize phones/tablets

Customize Samsung wearables

Customize and automate the enrollment of Samsung wearable devices purchased from authorized Samsung resellers.

Learn how to customize wearables