Knox Platform for eSE

Knox Platform for eSE provides an isolated, hardware-based storage and execution platform for secure mobile services. Leverage Samsung’s technical expertise to set up a tamper-resistant environment for your customers with high security requirements. Get technical advice, support, and professional services from a dedicated Samsung expert, helping you streamline your service.

Why use Knox?

Why use Knox?

Certified high security

Knox Platform for eSE ensures certified protection from software and hardware attacks, through a Secure Execution Environment (SEE) that resists logical and physical threats. The eSE also connects to the device's NFC controller for secure NFC interactions.

Secure and flexible deployment

Samsung offers various deployment methods to serve the most secure environments and security-conscious customers. You can securely activate the eSE applet over-the-air on devices and apply the right policies for your service.

Service-level tech support

Get dedicated support from a Samsung expert, who's equipped to support your business in everything from the first step to the final deployment.

Key features

Global industry standard
Global industry standard

Certified by multiple global industry standards, such as Common Criteria and GlobalPlatform.

Multiple deployment options
Multiple deployment options

Deployment methods fit for the most secure environments.

Open ecosystem
Open ecosystem

Develop your own secure eSE solutions using the Samsung eSE SDK.

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