Knox for Frontline

Empower your frontline solution and drive extra efficiency and productivity to mobile field users.

Knox SDKs provide frontline-focused capabilities grouped and designed to work easily for any software developers. Customize devices and peripherals to work betterwith your solution with Knox.

Knox features for frontline support

Tightly integrate your solutions with field devices with our in-depth configuration features.

Tailor devices for field

Remap hardware keys, configure device settings, optimize touch sensitivity for glove use, and more.

Configure peripherals

Manage and deploy peripheral settings in bulk.

Why use Knox?

Powerful device configuration capabilities direct from device manufacturer.

Single set of SDKs to configure both devices and partner accessories such as KoamTac SmartSled*.

Flexible environments covered. Offline activation supported on Managed Devices.

* Availability varies by vendor; supported devices to be expanded.

How to integrate your solutions

To further integrate your frontline solutions with Samsung devices, use our Knox SDK fit for ISVs.

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