Knox Validated Program for EMM solutions

Join us to drive business together. The Knox Validated Program is Samsung’s verification and authentication program for the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM/MDM/UEM) solution partners that meet Samsung’s Knox platform and product requirements. Any EMM partners enrolled in the Knox Partner Program are eligible to apply for the Knox Validated Program.

Be validated and endorsed by Samsung to show that your solution meets our enterprise-grade requirements and recommendations encompassing functionality, UX and documentation.

As a Knox Validated solution partner

Provide joint customers with

Assurance and consistency of Knox product/feature support on EMMs

More unified and seamless EMM user experiences for Knox management

Higher confidence in EMM selection

Directly benefit from

Up-to-date and clear guidance from Samsung about how EMMs can best integrate Knox capabilities

Official verification & endorsement by Samsung on Knox product/feature support

Dedicated technical support from Samsung

What are the requirements for this program?

To become a Knox Validated partner, you must verify that your EMM solutions support our requirements and recommendations including:

Knox Platform for Enterprise

  • Support for Knox Service Plugin including advanced features such as feedback channel and wildcards
  • Alignment with the defined Knox Service Plugin UX guidelines [Learn more]
    • Simple and consistent discoverability UX
      • Show Knox polices and configurations as part of Android Enterprise device management
      • Provide a shortcut to quickly locate and approve Knox Service Plugin on Managed Google Play
    • User-friendly feedback channel UX
      • Provide field path for Knox Service Plugin feedback channel results
    • Streamlined schema configuration and navigation UX
      • Support clear, hierarchical schema navigation
      • Populate the default values upon schema navigation
      • Show full policy titles
      • Make all the descriptions available
      • Show just an appropriate amount of the descriptions at a time
  • Support for product documentation about Knox Service Plugin
  • Knox Attestation integration (optional)
  • Support for customer guidance documentation about Knox Platform for Enterprise pricing change (optional)

Knox Mobile Enrollment

  • Android enterprise EMM enrollment support via Knox Mobile Enrollment (including work profile on company-owned device support - Android 11 or above)
  • Support for the end user credentials pass-through feature
  • Support for mandatory end user authentication and IT policy compliance during the initial device setup process
  • Server-side integration for a more unified IT administrator user experience (optional)

Become a partner

Get onboard

  1. Register as a new user. Our local Samsung team will check and approve your Knox Partner Program onboarding.
  2. Once Approved, apply for the Knox Validated Program (sign-in required).
  3. The Knox Partner Program team will review your application and provide detailed requirements and technical guidelines.

Get validated

  1. Request Samsung to validate your solutions by contacting your Samsung counterpart. You will be requested to provide the self-test results & checklist.
  2. Your solution will be tested and validated by Samsung against the Knox Validated Program requirements. Once validated, your solution will be officially nominated as Knox Validated.

Keep in touch

  1. Samsung will reach out to you on a yearly basis for revalidating your solution against new or updated requirements, going forward.