Knox for remote support

Enable device monitoring and reduce downtime with the industry’s first native Android troubleshooting tool, designed to integrate with your solution.

Knox remote support is an exclusive Samsung feature for Android that allows IT admins to remotely control employee devices to troubleshoot and fix mobile devices in the field.

Knox features for remote support

The Knox platform extends the ability to remotely support Samsung devices.

High-performance screen sharing and capturing

Knox remote support allows you to capture device screens, which can be saved for company use

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Start and stop applications

Remotely open and close applications that may have serious bugs and performance issues.

Simulate hard key presses

Remotely walk through complicated troubleshooting problems and scenarios by remotely injecting key presses.

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Why use Knox?

Cut costs

IT admins can troubleshoot device issues remotely in real-time with screen sharing, eliminating travel costs.

Save time

Reduce employee down-time and optimize employee productivity through quick problem resolution.

Enforce compliance

Monitor devices for corporate policy violations along with corrective actions on the devices.

How to integrate Knox features

To add remote support on Samsung devices, use our Knox SDK which extends capabilities in the Android SDK.

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