Offer your Unified Endpoint Management customers more value

Samsung Knox supercharges your UEM/MDM/EMM with heavyweight features that tackle the industry’s most frustrating problems. Give your customers more control over Samsung Android devices with our proprietary tools.

Knox features for UEM

Introduce the latest Knox features into your UEM. A wide range of advanced management capabilities are available for Samsung devices.


Powerful device, app and certificate management


Device Health Attestation for reliable detection of compromised devices


Stand out with Knox

Instant feature updates

Ensuring your UEM always offers the latest Knox features is easy with the Knox Service Plugin (KSP).

KSP dynamically integrates Knox features into your UEM with minimal development effort, so your customers always have access to our most powerful features.

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Consolidated management

The Knox SDK provides unparalleled control to a wide range of devices – phones, tablets, watches, and more.

Knox ensures that your UEM covers all current and future needs of enterprise device management.

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Automatic mobile enrollment

Offer your enterprise customers the best possible out-of-box enrollment experience, customized for Samsung devices.

Through our Knox Mobile Enrollment APIs, you can integrate these mobile enrollment features into your existing IT console.

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Market-leading UEM vendors have adopted Knox to enhance their solutions for their customers

Find new business by integrating Knox features

Our features help you expand into new markets in public service, finance, healthcare, retail, and more.

How to integrate Knox features

Take advantage of our exclusive Knox integrations, available only on Samsung devices.

Manage firmware updates

Manage firmware updates for a batch of devices with Knox E-FOTA.

Customers can fine-tune firmware updates to test new features, improve performance, and resolve known bugs.

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Let your customers customize

Empower your enterprise customers to configure, customize, and automate their deployments.

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